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ATTENTION! When making order in the online - shop, you confirm that you have learned and agree to the terms of the Distance contract. When making order, you conclude the Distance contract with SIA NĀRĀJANA.



The following distance contract shall apply to all current and future business relationships between SIA NĀRĀJANA and the purchaser or client. Both consumers and entrepreneurs shall be clients within the meaning of the DC. These general conditions of sale govern the rights and obligations of the purchaser with regard to the products sold from the commercial platform accessed via the website, within the framework of the distance selling system.


1.1. By ordering a product, the client agrees to the distance contract that have been provided to them at the time of purchase during the ordering process. Deviating or conflicting general terms and conditions established by the client will not be an integral part of the contract even though SIA NĀRĀJANA is not actively and explicitly rejecting them or even though the client is referring to their deviating DC before or during the purchase;

1.2. The content of the DC consists of crucial pieces of information SIA NĀRĀJANA is obliged to provide, according to the Latvian law of the Consumer Right Protection considering distance contracts and electronic commerce;

1.3. The Distance contract comes into force, as soon as the Customer (Consumer) has made the order using the Internet, phone or in another way and has received from the Seller order confirmation by means of e-mail. The order and order confirmation are considered as received when both parties have access to them;

1.4. Concluding the contract, the Customer consents to the desire to buy goods according to the terms and conditions of the distance contract. The Customer also confirms that he/she is fully acquainted with the General terms and conditions of the contract and agrees to them.




2.1. Under given contract SIA NĀRĀJANA undertakes to deliver the goods ordered to the buyer, and the buyer undertakes to accept and pay for the goods ordered, depending on the chosen type of delivery;


2.2. The Customer can place an order and enter a contract via telephone, in writing e-mail or via the order system installed into the online shop of the seller;


2.3. The price listed in the order shall be binding. The value-added tax is included in the price. In case of foreign payment transactions causing bank commissions, the purchaser cannot request the bank charge to be subtracted from the price;


2.4. Payment can be conducted via bank transfer, bank link or credit card. Advance payments shall be considered in the invoice. SIA NĀRĀJANA reserves the right to exclude certain terms of payments in specific cases;



3.1. The Seller undertakes to comply with the terms of the distance contract not later than in 10 days after receipt of order from the Consumer, if the parties have not agreed about other term.  If the Seller cannot fulfill the terms of the Contract because the goods ordered by the Consumer are not available, the Seller undertakes to inform the Consumer. In that case, the Seller can offer the Consumer the equivalent goods or return goods’ full price;


The seller or service provider ensures that the consumer makes a clear statement that the order includes a payment obligation. If, when placing an order, the consumer must press a button or perform a similar operation, it should be indicated in an understandable form with the words “order with payment” or another explicit reference to the obligation of the consumer to pay. If the seller or service provider does not comply with this clause, the contract or order is not binding on the consumer.




5.1. According to the Consumer Rights Protection Law of the Republic of Latvia the Consumer can use the right of refusal and unilaterally to withdraw from the contract and within 14 calendar days to return the goods to the Seller. Within 14 days from the moment of goods receipt, the buyer has the right to return or exchange unused goods. The returned goods should not be used, must be in original packing with undamaged labels, without visual and technical defects;


5.2. The Consumer bears responsibility for the goods quality preservation when exercising the right of refusal;


5.3. When returning the goods, the Buyer should show the document confirming purchase. The Consumer can return the goods within 14 calendar days. If the Consumer wants to return the goods which do not correspond to the terms and conditions of the distance contract, he/she should according to the Rules of Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia  #631 fill the return form and send the goods back to Seller fully loaded;


5.4. SIA NĀRĀJANA has the right to refuse in acceptance of the returned goods and not to return money if the goods have the signs specified above;


5.5. The Buyer should inform about all cases of refusal contacting Seller by Email, and should specify the order number, the name and surname and the reason for refusal;


5.5.1. The Buyer is obliged to inform immediately about defects of the goods, but not later, than within 14 (fourteen) days from the moment of order reception;


5.6. The order of goods return:


5.6.1. fill in the return form (you can read, download and print the return form HERE);


5.6.2. attach the document confirming purchase (invoice or a copy from Internet banking);


5.6.3. deliver or send goods in original undamaged package to SIA NĀRĀJANA.


5.6.4. When returning or exchanging goods, the buyer pays for delivery.


5.6.5. In case of refusal of the goods, transportation costs are not compensated.

5.7. SIA NĀRĀJANA considers the application and, according to the law of Republic of Latvia, sends the written answer within 10 working days;

5.8. SIA NĀRĀJANA undertakes to compensate full coupon price by single bank transfer to the buyer’s bank account not later than 30 calendar days from the date of sending written refusal by the consumer / the buyer.


6.1. Online shop NĀRĀJANA provides two years of manufacturer's warranty for all goods 

6.2. SIA NĀRĀJANA provides statutory warranty rights on each and every purchased good. In case of defects, the consumer is given the choice whether the defect shall be compensated by subsequent fulfilling in the form of refusal or by sending a replacement. NĀRĀJANA is entitled to rejecting subsequent improvement of the defect under the following conditions: If the method chosen by the consumer to correct the deficiency can only be carried out under disproportionate costs and if certain other methods or performances of improvement cause no disadvantages for the consumer. If the client is an entrepreneur, NĀRĀJANA may choose between replacement delivery and subsequent improvement.




7.3.1. All prices for the goods are specified in Euro (VAT – 21% is included). Delivery costs are not included;




7.4.1. The Buyer can make an order in English, Latvian or Russian languages.


7.4.2. The Buyer can place order for any goods directly in the NĀRĀJANA online store homepage, by phone: +371 67880183 or by e-mail;




7.5.1. For the goods which are in stock, the term of order execution is 1-2 days;





7.6.1. The promotion is the event organized by the seller, in order of selling goods at the discounted price, which is provided by the seller;


7.6.2. Promo goods in the section "Special Offers" require full prepayment and have limited stock numbers;




8.1. The Customer confirms that he/she has not or will not have during the term of Contract any claims to the use of information specified by the Customer during registration as well to the use of e-mail for mailing of promotional materials, news and other information. The Customer does not object receiving of such information;


8.2. The Customer has the right to refuse information reception, clicking the link at the end of e-mail sent by Seller to the Buyer’s e-mail address;


8.3. The Contract and its terms continue until its execution. In case of Contract interruption, the terms and conditions which regulate the Legal relations of the parties after interruption of the Contract work remain in force.


8.4. Correction of information : the Buyer can correct any errors which have been established after order confirmation, contacting us by phone: +371 67880183 or e-mail

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