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AYURVEDIC ''Agarwood''

AYURVEDIC ''Agarwood''
AYURVEDIC ''Agarwood''
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  • Brand: India
  • Weight: 15.00g
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Size230 x 50 mm

Agarwood masala incense sticks implicate a unique blend of rare herbs, flowers, honey, resins and oils. It is free from toxic materials. Agarwood is the most potent aphrodesiac of all the essential oils. Valerian is a natural component of Agarwood resin and functions to relieve insomnia allowing one to calm nervous energy before sleep and allowing one to have a deeper, more relaxed and longer sleep. In astrology and Wican practices, Agarwood is used for love and spiritualiti. Agarwood is called for in many of the most poweful magical  incense formulas and is said to draw a lover near when used in an almost irresistible love spell

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